A seafarer w80337735_2480689252182251_9147313633535983616_nill celebrate the holidays a bit more glad following the settlement of Notice to Arbitrate (NTA) case filed at the NCMB Regional Branch No. 1.




The NTA80842774_2429324837176959_6219683286847848448_n emanated from NCMB-NCR where the requesting party, Jasper Rivera, initially docked his complaint against his employer to claim his medical benefits. Unfortunately, settlement seemed remote when he and his employer cannot find a compromise regarding the amount of said benefit prompting him to withdraw and file the same at NCMB RB1.

RCMB1 Director Jay Jasper B. Javines highly encouraged the parties during the initial meeting to meet at a compromise beneficial to both. “The settlement involves quite the amount,” Javines said. “One tries to add some more while the other tries to mitigate expenses and both are understandable,” he added.

The following conference saw the parties move toward the direction of agreement. Management’s position of maintaining the offer due to the fact that it has already spent a considerable amount in Rivera’s hospital bills became more understandable from the latter’s perspective.

On December 20, 2019, parties formally settled the case. Rivera went home with the amount of P2,153,676.08. In return, he voluntarily executed the following: release of rights, pagpapaubaya ng karapataan, and joint motion to dismiss.